martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

We learn by doing.

"we learn by doing".  I think it's true because when the people want to learn something they need to study a lot any topic for inproving better, if someone wants to learn listining, speaking or grammar about any lenguage. so people need to practise or read thing in that language or listing aswell.

I thing many people would like to know lots of things but they don't practise very well, they just check for a moment and that's  it.

we need study a lot if we want learn very well anything topic and trhe best form to do that its "WE LEARN BY DOING"

domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014


My name is Daniel. I Was waiting at 8 am bus next to the chair where 2 girls were talked, I saw the bus close to me, when the bus arrived I took it, I was looking for  a chair.  when I sat,  3 girls were talking in fron of me and they were laughing a lot, next to me another girl was looking me while I was opening my bag, then something dropped from my bag, it was a box of hygienic towels for my girlfriend I felt shy, those girls was laughing a lot in fron of me, so I picked up that box and Quickly I left the bus to go with her...

about MY plans

Well,... I think in many things about my life, I guess that with my own strong I am doing all of those dreams posible I have imagined many times, myself in another country, can travel around the world for learning a lot english I would like to study in London soon a specific topic, but I'm sure that I'm going to do the best effort to complete each of those goals.

I'm going to travel with my mother on December to Miami, she likes to travel there a lot in her holidays and I like a lot be with her. I have though lots of things. I'm going to study at EAN next year
Also I'm going to learn a lot because that's my favorite career I mean business.

sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2014

My favorite Actress

She's Scarlett Johansson, She's 29 years old, Scarlett is an actress. She was born in 1984 in NWE YORK USA. Scarlett  has got  a daughter called Rose Dorothy Dauriac and she's married.

Scarlett  likes to wear cloths very expensive because she is very elegant, now she is filming a movie called ADVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON, Scarlett  usually gets up 7 am in the morning because she likes to do some exercise with her husband they are very fitness then Scarlett  likes to prepare her breakfast with her own hands, she likes to eat vegetables, cereal and something like that.

Scarlett is working as a model in these days because is her favorite activity to do when she is not filming a movie.  She has got a pet and she loves her pet a lot it is a dog.  She has got an amazing house and very expensive as well.  She hasn't got cats only one Dog, so she likes more dogs than cats, and she has got a lot of money. THE PERFECT WOMEN.

About her physical description, she is small 1.60 M, she has got long hair and blonde, she's really beautiful and is the best actress I saw, my favorite movie of her its ADVENGERS, the las movie she did was LUCY and that movie is really good, I think she is amazing in all of she do, also she likes sing and modeling as her hobbies.

She has won a lot of awards in her career sins she begin to act in movies and she has been nominate to win the OSCAR for the best actress in a movie.


Well, My name is Juan Camilo Cortes Quimbaya, I'm 20 years old,I'm from Colombia, I live  in Bogota D.C, I live with my mother, I like live with her a lot because we're as a friends, we can talk about every things without problems.

About me, I always do some exercise. On weekend I play soccer with my team our team it's really good to play, we play a cup in SIBERIA they are very good soccer players and I love play with them.

I work all days in the morning in SENA and them I go to the university for studying english so much!

About my hobbies well... I usually get out for meeting, with my friends in any place like a cinema, theatre, also we watch a match on tv, we usually go for watching  in a BAR or something like that we like LA LIGA BBVA  a lot so I have a friend called Sergio he loves REAL MADRID team and I like FC BARCELONA jaja so we  occasionally bet something went they play a match.

I like get out with my friends for eating something in a good restaurant or something like that, I like all the details are going very well, I've done a lot of plans for us.

basically in my free times I like sleep a lot too because my days are a little bit busy and I should to sleep a lot jeje.